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Dr. Adam Rondepierre

Dr. Adam Rondepierre is a licensed naturopathic primary care doctor in Kalispell, Montana who can help you improve your health in two key ways:

1) Treat the root cause of an illness instead of suppressing symptoms
2) Guide you while you build the foundation for physical and emotional well-being

To achieve this, Dr. Adam takes a holistic approach to medicine, prioritizing natural tools like nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and herbs, while also considering stronger interventions like pharmaceuticals when necessary.

Once the fundamental components of health are established, Dr. Adam will work with you to optimize other aspects of your life including your energy, digestion, physical strength, and mental resilience. As your primary point of contact in all things health, Dr. Adam can also order labs, food sensitivity testing, or make a referral to another health specialist for additional testing and evaluation.

The intention with his approach is to help you prevent illness, leading to an increased healthspan while also enjoying increased longevity.

Dr. Adam’s specialties include mental health, sports medicine, and men’s health. In addition, he has training in mind-body medicine, including biofeedback and behavioral counseling—two tools that he uses for stress reduction and to help patients manage anxiety or depression. He completed his undergraduate work at University of California, Santa Barbara, and received his doctorate from Bastyr University. In his free time, he enjoys bowhunting, fishing, and exploring the Swan Range on horseback or mountain bike.

Dr. Adam is currently accepting new patients via telemedicine, and looks forward to working together to create health.



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