Dr. Azadeh Fariba

Dr. Azadeh Fariba
ND | Naturopathic Medicine Associate

Dr. Azadeh Fariba strongly believes in empowering her patients to take their health and power back into their own hands.

Dr. Fariba’s journey to naturopathic medicine began when someone she loved was diagnosed with a chronic condition and told they would need to take steroids for the rest of their life. Although she was not a doctor at this time, she knew in her soul that health care is not about giving people a diagnosis, putting them in a box, prescribing a pill and sending them away. She decided to change her path from traditional medicine to naturopathic medicine and attended Bastyr University where she learned all the modalities that supported her belief system.

Since graduating medical school, Dr. Fariba has completed a two-year residency as well as the course work through the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Dr. Fariba’s specialties include gastrointestinal health including IBS, SIBO and IBD, metabolic conditions including diabetes and hypertension, autoimmune disease, thyroid conditions, women’s health including BIHRT, mental health, preventative medicine and environmental medicine.

Dr. Fariba believes in treating the patient as a unique whole person rather than a set of symptoms. She empowers her patients by educating them on how to regain their health and prevent disease. She is incredibly passionate about helping her patients obtain optimal health so they may be able to live their true purpose.

When Dr. Fariba is not practicing medicine, she enjoys attending medical conferences, playing with her two jack Russell terriers, running, hiking, practicing yoga, wine tasting and listening to live music.